Freitag, 27. Oktober 2017

Thank you

Both schools want to say thank you very much for supporting our project to UK-German Connection and Bürgerstiftung Schaumburg. With our your kindly funding our project had not be possible in this way. At least nearly 100 students in both schools took advantage from this project.
Visiting stumbling stones in Hanover, students had to tell information in a 120 seconds speech.
This was prepared during the meeting with our club "school without racism, school with courage".

More information about stumbling stones in Hanover

Donnerstag, 19. Oktober 2017


During our project visits we created some interviews, where we swapped some ideas about the project.

A joint statement in posters

Working together the students created some posters against racism. 
Before they got some information from our club "School without racism, school with courage".

Freitag, 29. September 2017


At the end of the project visit we spent some time at Luhden bowling centre.

Presentation and evaluation

Friday, 29.09.2017, was the last day of our project visit.
So we had some presentation of our results.


Umfrage Toleranz

Während des Projektbesuches sind wir nach Steinhude gefahren. Dort haben wir eine Umfrage zum Thema "Toleranz" gemacht. Dabei konnten die Passanten ihre Tendenz zu Ja oder Nein angeben.

Auf dem Fragebogen standen Statements wie „Ich beurteile Menschen nur nach ihrem Charakter“ oder „Es gibt gute und schlechte Menschen.“ 

Wir haben insgesamt 38 Personen befragt. Dabei kam heraus das 33 Personen tendenziell tolerante Antworten gegeben haben und 5 Personen eher aus Intoleranz geantwortet haben. Der Altersdurchschnitt der tendenziell toleranten Personen liegt bei 52 Jahren und bei den eher intoleranten Personen bei 46 Jahren. Ein Großteil der befragten Personen hatte sehr freundlich reagiert, leider haben etliche Personen unsere Umfrage abgelehnt.

Survey about tolerarice

During the project-visit we all drove to Steinhude, and while we were there we did a public about tolerance. The people we asked gave their thoughts in a form of yes or no answers, but these were not completely fixed, they were just tendencies. On the questionnaire there were twenty statements, for example one of the questions was if they judge people on their character and if “there are good and bad people” and nothing in between. We asked 38 people. The result was that 33 people had a tendency to give tolerance answers, and only five people had a tendency to give intolerance answers. The average age to give tolerance answers was 52.6, and the average age to give intolerant answers was 46.6. The majority of people asked during survey were really friendly and understanding. But unfortunately some people refused to take part in the survey.