Freitag, 20. Mai 2016

Questions on Sikhism

1)Do men and women pray at the same time ?

2)How big is the Gudwara
Praying room and a dining hall

3)Why do men and women have to wear on their heads ?
Respect to wards the gurus

4)Are there special times for prayers ?
Five times a day !

5)Waht is the Knife for ?
Warrior religion 

6)Why aren't men allowed to cut their hair ?
Baptised Sikh

7)What is the most important thing in your religion ?
All people are the same  

8)Why do you pray on a carpet ?

9)What does Sikhism mean ?
To learn throughout your life and live your life to be one with God (Waheguru)

10)Waht are you allowed to eat ?
If your Armitdhari your not allowed to drink alcohol, eat meat or eggs. But if your not Armitdhari those rules are not applicable.

11)How did Sikihsm develop ?
Developed by our first guru- Guru Nanak Dev Ji. It developed during a period of riots and discrimination between Muslims and Hindus and Sikhism was formed to cause peacefulness.

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