Freitag, 29. September 2017

Hannover, Germany

Hanover, Germany and stumbling stones

On Wednesday we drove to Hannover central station by train.
We started with a tour through Hannover and visited many interesting places, like the opera house and of course monuments like the stumblingblocks. It was very interesting to learn something about Hannover and it buildings.

The German exchange students prepare small presentations about the individual stops we were visiting.

Everything we did was done in English. In the afternoon, we had time to walk around with our English exchange partners to see monuments about Hannover. It was very interesting to speak English all the time and to learn more about our English partners.

Stumbling stone, IGS Helpsen
According to our project "school without racism, school with courage" IGS Helpsen adopted a stumbling stone on Stadthagen. During the project visit the leader of the SORSMC, Mrs. Brinkmann, introduced the idea of the stumbling stones once again.

Students, joining the dedication of our stumbling stone in 2015, joined this current project, too. So they could tell about it to our guest.

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